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Kamange has been committed to the development of agent customs clearance services throughout Nigeria,and has established a service network covering Nigeria and surrounding countries.Its outlets are all over the territory. After the goods arrive at the port of destination,they can quickly handle customs clearance and transfer, pay customs duties, warehousing,door-to-door delivery and limited time service. The company is specially responsible for the overseas marketing personnel to maintain close and smooth communication with overseas outlets at any time, provide you with efficient,professional and competitive customs clearance services, create a good logistics experience for you,and actively explore the overseas market, but also accumulate considerable overseas agent customs clearance experience.The customs clearance service of auto parts is especially recommended. Auto parts import customs declaration agency service provides you with import procedures,auto parts import customs declaration, auto parts bill import customs declaration, import tariff inquiry,HS code verification and other import services for you to customize your customs declaration scheme,and the company studies the import customs declaration of auto parts by sections, and successfully solves the import documents of auto parts There are many problems, such as customs declaration process, customs price review, HS code category, customs inspection and so on.
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